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We’re Building the Future and Restoring the Past

We’re a Leading Construction Company from Melbourne. Builiding Commerical and Non Commerical Buildings.



Servicing a global clients in more than 50 countries

With a diverse portfolio ranging from finance and banking to renewable energy and education, NordHord Group has cultivated a loyal customer base across various sectors. Here are some glimpses into the lives of happy NordHord customers:

CapitalCow: For young entrepreneur Akash, CapitalCow’s microloans were a game-changer. He used the loan to purchase equipment for his bakery, enabling him to expand his business and create jobs in his community. Akash is now a vocal advocate for CapitalCow, praising their easy application process and flexible repayment options.

CapitalCow Bank: Sarah, a single mother of two, found stability and security with CapitalCow Bank’s affordable checking and savings accounts. The bank’s mobile app allows her to manage her finances on the go, giving her peace of mind knowing her hard-earned money is safe and accessible. Sarah appreciates CapitalCow Bank’s commitment to financial inclusion and their dedication to serving underserved communities.

HellowYellow: As a small business owner, David struggled to find qualified candidates for open positions. HellowYellow’s AI-powered recruitment platform streamlined the process, connecting him with a pool of talented individuals who perfectly matched his company’s needs. David credits HellowYellow with helping him build a strong team and contributing to his business’s recent growth.

SolarBear: For environmentally conscious homeowner Maya, switching to SolarBear’s solar energy solutions was an easy decision. The clean energy not only reduced her carbon footprint but also brought significant savings on her electricity bills. Maya enjoys the peace of mind that comes from knowing her home is powered by sustainable energy and is proud to be a part of the clean energy revolution.

Jabra GN: As a remote worker, Eric relies on his Jabra GN headphones to stay connected and productive during conference calls. The crystal-clear audio and comfortable design allow him to focus on the task at hand without distractions. Eric appreciates Jabra GN’s commitment to quality and innovation, making his workday more efficient and enjoyable.

IIIM: For aspiring doctor Aditi, studying at IIIM was a transformative experience. The institute’s world-class faculty and innovative teaching methods provided her with the knowledge and skills she needed to succeed in her medical career. Aditi credits IIIM with giving her the confidence to pursue her dreams and is grateful for the lifelong friendships she formed during her time there.

British Institute: After years of struggling with traditional learning methods, dyslexic student Ben found success at the British Institute. The institute’s personalized approach and specialized learning programs catered to his individual needs and helped him unlock his full potential. Ben is now thriving in his studies and credits the British Institute for giving him the confidence and skills to succeed in academia.

These are just a few examples of the many happy customers who have benefited from NordHord Group’s diverse range of products and services. By putting their customers first and prioritizing their needs, NordHord Group has built a reputation for excellence and innovation, leaving a lasting positive impact on countless lives.

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